5 Underrated Mt5 Features That May Rock Your World

Amazing and innovative individuals at MetaQuotes Ltd. showcased MetaTrader 5, a trading platform that includes sophisticated features that produce the MT4 quite envious. That is following the success of the MT4 platform utilised worldwide.

When juxtaposing MetaTrader 4 vs MetaTrader 5, a lot of MT4 users are unaware of these features that MT5 customers are capitalising on. The five MT5 features will be discussed becomelow.

Timeframe Variations

It is common knowledge that prominent central banks and financing institutes run the Forex market. Ergo, the moves of powerful and huge players must be understood. A salient element for a forex trader may become the timeframe. The bigger institutes shell out a tonne of money trading in forex in big volumes adding analysis to the mix. Employing a higher timeframe in their stratagem is paramount to their success. However, small time traders cannot match the big players because they lack the amount of money and patience. Consequently, smaller time frames are what they use to pay.

Technical Indicators

technical indicators were built-in the MT5 platform for traders to utilize. These pose a beneficial gain for traders consequently. Several indicators are only available in the MT5 system. This is to separate it from the indicators contained in the MT4 platform. Additionally, multiple custom indicators are usually supported by MT5 if ever the trader fancies with them. Creating custom indicators is fairly intuitive in the MT5 system.

Graphical Object

When ascertaining chart patterns, a trader can choose from graphical objects. This is most notably utilized by price action traders.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors are nothing more than a preset algorithm. An expert advisor or auto trading robot could be created through the MQL5. The said creations can be calibrated to any complexity or sophistication the trader wishes. MetaTrader Market and Code Base are usually places where investors can acquire their expert advisor.

Real Volume Data

The MT5 platform allows real volume-traded data to be accessed along with tick volume information. The option will reveal itself by right clicking the chart.

In comparison, the MT4 platform does not include this data.


Taking everything into account, it really is still incumbent on you to ascertain the best option platform for your use. Could switching to MetaTrader 5 function as answer? One parameter to look at is if the market you are in is struggling to carefully turn a profit despite being in it intended for an extended period or you are a novice in the forex currency trading industry. You may shift to the more advanced platform, MT5 once you are accustomed to the workings of MT4. However, MT5 includes a leg up on MT4 with regards to AI-based trading.