Are You Making The Most Of Your Data?

Organisations of all sizes, and across all sectors, have a very powerful asset which will help them to get competitive advantage, offer unique insights into their organisational performance, and enable them to level up by making smarter and much more informed decisions.

Although all organisations have access to this asset, many are unable to fully exploit it and leverage the opportunities that may flow from it.

According to Geoff McGimpsey, Marketing Communications Manager at Belfast-based data analytics specialists, Analytics Engines: Every organisation produces and holds data. This may include transactional information, logistics records, staff timesheets, machine performance, product warranties, and more. When this data is appropriately captured, transitioned right into a digital format, and analysed correctly, the organwill beation gains tremendous insights into its operations, its customers, and its own external environment.

Data can be a powerful and persuasive tool that can help decision-makers in organisations, in addition to informing business strategy and reducing risk. Geoff provides the perfect example of the energy of data a information solution called Precision for Pharmacy that is currentlydeployedfor the Western Health and Social Care Trust at Altnagelvin Hospital.

Geoff explained: We helped the clinical pharmacy team move away from paper-based record systems by co-designing a digital solution that enabled greater transparency and improved reporting methodology. The bottom-line was that the groups felt more empowered plus they collaborated a lot more effectively. Managers were also in a position to evidence the impact of the task they carried out.

The Challenges ofDigital Transformation

Organisational change is inherently difficult to perform. However, it remains the only constant in todays dynamic business environment, and the powerful outcomes of a well-developed and strategic change management plan shouldn’t be underestimated.

Analytics Engines includes a wealth of hands-on experience in assisting organisations develop their digital roadmap. He said: Ive discovered that quite often the biggest challenge businesses face when starting their data journey is properly understanding and correctly mapping out the issue they are seeking to solve. Organisations are aware usually that they have data, and they understand that it can help but they dont always understand how. We work closely with businesses to greatly help them understand their problem also to deliver a solution that properly meets their needs.

For many businesses, there are some hurdles to overcome when implementing a digital transformation strategy, such as getting access to the right data at the proper volume, managing it effectively, and getting buy-in from different functions over the organisation.

Working with an expert partner such as for example Analytics Engines helps to demystify the procedure for orga goodisations a goodd gives them the confidence that their digital transformation roadmap is one which will be effective, along with useful and positive outcomes that may have a significthent impact on the organisatiupon, he said.

We collaborate with a wide range of businesses and offer advice on a number of areas, such as how exactly to best source and present the raw data, how exactly to cleanse it, and how to draw down those all-important insights.

Increased Potential from Digital Transformation Opportunities

Digital transformation presents exciting opportunities for a range of business functions in organisations of each size and sector.

Some organisations may feel that digital transformation is for more technically matured businesses only, or that it is only suitable to certain industries and sectors, said Geoff, adding: Digital transformation is indeed much more than an online business. We guide and assist organisations to realise the worthiness of their data assets and to identify where they could be passing up on real business opportunities.

Often, it is within an organisations best interest to be receptive to new data and information.

Many can combine their owned data with open datasets which can be incredibly enlightening and identify key trends and indicators that the organisation would otherwise have missed, said Geoff.

With experts in data science, graph and text analytics, location analytics, data visualisation, artificial intelligence, advanced record linkage, legacy system integration, and custom business processes, Analytics Engines have helped organisations from very varied backgrounds to embed digital transformation with great success.

We recently worked with The National Gallery in London as part of their digital transformation process. We pulled in a variety of datasets to create a single source of truth reporting methodology, said Geoff. The custom dashboard was rapidly adopted across the organisation, putting everyone atlanta divorce attorneys department on the same page with regards to their reporting methods and their knowledge of how visitors interacted making use of their exhibitions. We put an individual at the centre of the answer reducing system complexity and ensuring they might draw the best possible insights from their data to optimise organisational performance.

Experienced in dealing with healthcare organisations, local and regional specialists, biomedical science centres, the entertainment and media industries, the hospitality and tourism sector, and education and advanced schooling establishments, there are few industries Analytics Engines haven’t worked with.

We have the agility to design business intelligence solutions that provide our partners and clients with comprehensive insight that is capable of enabling change and quickly providing a return on the investment, said Geoff.

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