Best Credit Cards for Independent Contractors and Construction business

Some of the biggest benefits of being an independent contractor include being your own boss, setting your own schedule, creating a business from the ground up, and a good higher earning potential in some instances.

According to the IRS, a person, business, or corporation is an independent contractor if it provides goods or services under a written contract or a verbal agreement – this is also known as a freelancer.

So let’s say you’re an unbiased contractor in a certain industry – one of the first things you must do is straighten out finances.

As an independent contractor, you might think to just mix your individual and business finances. But this isn’t an organized way or the best way to conduct business as an unbiased contractor.

To avoid massive headaches with your accountant and/or bookkeeper, you should consider getting a separate visa or mastercard for your business. That’s what this guide is explicitly for – to show you the best bank cards for your situation.
First and foremost, a debit card for independent contractors must act to separate business expenses from personal expenses.

It should also allow you to add employee cards, set credit limits, and transfer data to accounting programs (such as QuickBooks).

Another must is being in a position to view and analyze expenses reports seamlessly.

Luckily, almost all of the construction credit card from major banks have many of these features built-in – so what’s left to differentiate between the various choices? The response: rewards and benefits.

You’ll want to use a construction credit card that earns the most rewards for your unique expenses. Remember, every independent contractor will make different business purchases, so make certain to choose the one which aligns with your personal situation.

Additionally, if you’d like to earn travel advantages from your credit card, you’ll need to specifically look for the one which offers travel benefits, instead of shopping benefits, for example.

With all that being said, we’ve done every one of the homework and identified the best business cards for independent contractors. We’ve focused mostly on travel rewards and benefits, though as you’ll find out, many of these choices are superb even for those seeking cash-back.

Lowe’s Business Rewards Card from American Express
If you are someone who gets his equipment and home construction tools from Lowe’s, then this is the card for you. This card offers you a discount when making any purchase from Lowe’s plus other valuable rewards including cashback. You will be offered 0% APR throughout the first 6 months which will then be followed with a regular APR which is variable (it usually ranges from 15.74%-24.74%). You will get a 5% discount whenever you shop at Lowe’s. Also, you can be acquiring 5% cashback again on all purchases produced in the first 6 weeks that will then end up 2% after the inductor 6-month duration is completed. Other services you can reap the benefits of include bulk rate pricing and discounts on product deliveries. You may receive points when purchasing from Lowe’s, other shops, and in specific categories which can then be spent on Lowe’s surprise cards. This card requires no twelve-monthly fee.