Self Inking Stamps: Everything you need to get started!

A self-inking stamp is like a mini printing machine. It truly is portable. It marks reliably the same image repeatedly. It really is clean. It saves you time. It saves you money. Some people call them a rubber stamp. But they are more than that. Much more modern. Yes, a stamp is a dinosaur in this society full of instant gratification from your mobile device. They aren’t dead yet!  Also available are multi-colour Self Inking Stamps we can custom make for you. That is cool.

How is a self-inking stamp different?

A self-inking stamp has a lot of this superiority in the name, self-inking. It has the ink pad inside the body. Saved neatly so you don’t get ink on you. Wherever going with your stamp you always have the ink pad. That is a time saver there, if you have ever forgotten the ink pad you will know very well what we mean. Using a self-inking stamp is fast. To use the stamp is simple. Put it on the part of the paper you want the stamp on. Press down gently to contact the paper, press somewhat firmer and hold a little once on the paper. Then release and it springs back up again.

How simple is that?

Move to the next thing to mark and repeat. This can really save some time. For this reason, a Self-Inking stamp can become more affordable than traditional rubber stamps if you are also like the labour cost in makeing your paper bags for instance.

What can I use a custom self-inking stamp for?

The limit to self-inking stamps is more about our imagination and ability to get that in a graphic file. The most typical uses for a custom self-inking stamp are numerous but here are some.

Text.  Content material like your name or address.  Maybe your business name and address. GST numbers and savings account numbers for folks to pay you, it is always good to make it easy for people to pay you now isn’t it.

Images.  This might be your business logo.  It may be a picture.  It might be like a laurel wreath for a marriage stamp.

Tables.  For table type ones, these are outlines and areas where someone needs to fill in details like dispatch/inwards goods dockets or even medical check lists and somewhere to write an answer.

Dates.  These Self-Inking Stamps have wheels that rotate bands of rubber with your day of the month on two bands. The month of the entire year. Plus, the year.  Each changeable by rotating a wheel once you feel like it. These might be just a date and nothing else.  Or perhaps a mixture of text and date.

Like a pharmacy stamp giving the name, address, date and dispensary details area.  The most frequent ones for thserae are Best Before date stamps.

Numbers.  These are called Numberer stamps.  Just like the date stamps they have a band with just numbers. Some have symbols as well like full stop, hyphen, dollar sign etc. The professional grade Trodat ones can likewise have a band changed to have letters.  Just half the alphabet.  Either A-M or N-Z. There are even programmed Numberers that change the quantity every time you stamp automatically.