The Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Technology

When buying computers yourself or your complete company it may be best if you consider purchasing refurbished, reconditioned or off-brand equipment. Listed below are ten reasons why you should.

1. Savings

Theres no denying that the most compelling reason to buy refurbished or off-brand equipment alternatively than new, brand-name products is the fact that in nearly every circumstance you can spend less.

How much cash depends on the product, the vendor and situation nevertheless, you can almost always save at the least to % or even more and its not uncommon to see some products at to per cent less than what you will purchase similar versions of the same product.

2. MOST bang for the buck

When companies introduce a fresh line of pcs they usually provide a range of options from entry-level items with minimal specs up with their top-of-the-line models filled with all the great features.

Yes you can get a low-end version of the most recent model for $, but also for that same $ you can get a slightly older, refurbished laptop. Although it will come with an older, slightly slower processor jogging an OS one amount older than the existing OS and it could ponder an ounce or two more, but youll oftimes be able to get more RAM, a larger hard disk or simply a larger display screen.

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Quite simply you can get a mature, top-of-the-line model for the price of this years bottom-of-the-collection model.

3. Hedge against obsolescence

Everybody knows that hardware, software, oss and peripherals are constantly being updated and improved. In some instances the newer variants render the more mature versions obsolete.

Buying renovated or off brand products enable you to upgrade on a more recurrent schedule better value so transitions to more advanced equipment end up costing you less.

4. Save well on software licenses

Lets say you have a mature machine running Windows XP and also you finally decided to upgrade your OS, you might go out and purchase a certificate for a fresh OS (at around $ a pop) or you could buy a refurbished computer for $ that already has a more recent operating-system installed for you and also you get a fresh computer to perform it on.

It may not be Glass windows 8.1 but you can get a system with Glass windows 7 running over a faster x-little bit machine.

5. Maintaining compatibility

Many companies have policies set up that everyone must use the same equipment with the same specifications, however when you need to displace a damaged device or add new employees it could be difficult to find the exact same models.

Many times you will get a precise match from a supplier of refurbished equipment, and it will probably be less costly than the original.

Theres also many companies that have a sizable investment in custom software or hardware solutions and it makes more sense to remain with legacy systems that contain already been thoroughly tested alternatively than buy new computers and have to rewrite or upgrade your entire valuable software and custom hardware solutions.

6. Reliability

Theres a vintage tech thinking never choose the first release of anything. Associated with simple; the maker hasnt acquired time to check the merchandise in real life yet and identify any problems.

Second and third versions are almost always more stable. Restored equipment has been tested in the field and the pests have already been found and corrected.

7. Sustainability

Buying refurbished or reconditioned equipment means doing all your small part to lessen the ever-increasing quantities of e-waste being generated every year.

Every refurbished laptop, printer, scanner, server or pc you get is one less device going to the toxic misuse dump.

8. Screening new technologies

If youre contemplating a move to a new type of technology in your organization you might like to run a few field assessments before equipping everyone with something that might not workout.

For example, if youre considering switching from laptops to tablets you might like to test how well those tablets are going to work in the field. Renovated or off-brand equipment is definitely an inexpensive way to test new technology at a small percentage of the cost.

9. Cheaper and simpler to maintain

In the event that you buy brand-new equipment your IT team will have to invest time learning a complete new group of unit installation and configuration types of procedures, they wont learn how to troubleshoot or maintain that equipment for some time and training people how to use new equipment can be frustrating for everyone.

When you have a hodgepodge of old and new equipment that just makes things worse. But if you resupply your people with the same equipment they are already used to then your installation, construction, troubleshooting, maintenance and training problems have been completely worked out and will have a fraction of that time period.

Youll also take advantage of the idea that you probably already have suppliers who support your existing equipment and older/legacy computers/printers often will have a wider range of OEM support for things such as toner cartridges and parts making them cheaper to maintain

. Reduce loss

If youre buying some type of computer for a kid or you have a team of butter-fingered sales reps or if your equipment is likely to be at the mercy of stressful situations frequently then it makes sense to buy less expensive refurbished or off-brand products. It wont sting quite the maximum amount of when it gets fell, rained on or has peanut butter smeared in the USB ports.

There are many reasons to considering buying refurbished or off-brand equipment alternatively than completely new, more costly equipment. It might not exactly be a good choice in every situation but almost all of enough time it can help you save money, and thats a fairly good reason right there.