Types Of Mats Your Business Needs

There is enough variety in commercial matting that businesses can choose a safety mat, or series of matting products, to meet their safety and budget requirements. There are more than commercial logo mats to select from, with each falling within among the following matting categories.

Types Of Commercial Safety Mats

One class is Mats, which are commercial floor mats. These waterhog mats come with a unique design. They are made of vinyl or rubber pieces that are linked together in a chain linking design. Thwill be gives the mats plenty of texture and grip. Link designs are excellent for removing dirt and debris from shoes but have hardly any moisture absorption.

Scraper Mats

Scraper Mats have the ability to remove dirt and debris from shoes, just like the Link mats. They’re similar to Link Mats since they may be used outside and are highly resistant to temperature changes.

Wiper Mats

Wiper Mats can also be used indoors. Many businesses have logos or other design elements on these mats. Wiper Mats ability to absorb and retain water (e.g. It really is used as a place to wipe the feet of visitors. Wiper Mats may be ordered with rubber or vinyl backing. This will provide slip resistance. The rubberized backing is obtainable in two varieties: smooth and cleated. Both are ideal for use with carpeted or smooth surfaces.


Cocoa Mats, which are more environmentally friendly than traditional mats, certainly are a better option. Although they are usually often referred to by the term Wiper Mats these mats are actually made from the husks of coconuts.

Recessed Mats

Recessed matting is merely an entrance mat that is installed inside a recess of the entryway floor. This kind of commercial matting installation is incredibly popular with facilities that receive a large level of visitor traffic. This eliminates the chance for tripping while improving home design and aesthetics.

Recessed Carpet & Tiles

Recessed Carpets Tiles are identical to the Recessed Mats. Carpet Tiles are similar to Recessed Tiles and pose minimal tripping hazards for businesses that visit a lot of foot traffic. Recessed Carpetings Tiles are modular, to allow them to be pieced together to provide the appearance of tiles.

Recessed Grills

Recessed Grills provide an industrial-grade solution to commercial establishments that visit a lot of traffic, incoming particles, and moisture. The system features a grated area that captures moisture and debris. The compartment traps dirt, water, along with other contaminants until they can later be cleaned up by maintenance.

Drainage Mats

Drainage mats, which are commonly manufactured from rubber, have either holes or slots through the top that liquids can pass. These safety mats help keep workers, such as for example bartenders, safe from liquid spillages. These mats direct water towards the ground quickly, making sure that the very best rubberized walking surface is dry and protected.

Antifatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue Floor Mats certainly are a very special type of mat. It includes a unique design that includes a layer and a core. This enables for controlled compressibility during use. The mats can be compressed to stimulate the legs, spine, and feet muscles. This encourages more blood circulation and provides comfort.

Antistatic Mats

Anti-static mats are specially designed to reduce the potential for static discharge or electrical shock. These mats tend to be used in computer labs or other offices which have flat screens and/or electrostatic discharge.